Will Congressional Republicans Hit Their Heads on the 2017 Debt Ceiling?

So what happens when the Treasury runs out of money this fall?


The Economics of Classic Cars

Cars have always been considered a bad investment and you will always lose money on buying a new car. So why might investors flock to cars to make a long term profit?

Financial Analysis of the Balance Sheet (Part II)

In my previous article, I teased you with two items from the balance sheet and how to interpret them (darn 1200-word limit).  It’s okay though because I am back to teach more about the balance sheet and how to interpret it (I know, such a relief).  Well, no words to waste today, only stick around…

The NCAA and its Indentured Athletes

Imagine that you’ve been offered a job at Company X. This job is based on the fulfillment of a contract, which we’ll get to in a bit. Company X is a multibillion dollar, not-for-profit organization, but instead of offering you a salary they exempt you from paying a scholarship fee at one of the hundreds…