The Annual Spring Dance of Peninsular Conflict

North Korea and the rest of the world are flirting yet again in their annual dance of military posturing – what else is new?


A Woman’s Glass Ceiling is an Economy’s Glass Ceiling

Women’s education is now recognized as a cornerstone of economic development. It’s recognized by economists and scholars alike as being the key nutrients to seeing an economy fully develop and blossom. Educating a woman and leveraging her talents, is the consistent determinant of progress for practically every development outcome: from mortality declines to economic growth,…

The Decline of the 140 Character Bully Pulpit

Since President Theodore Roosevelt first coined the expression in 1904, the bully pulpit has been a staple concept in the American presidency. In brief, the term originates from an antiquated use of the word “bully” which is an exclamation of something that is awesome or excellent, and pulpit describing a speaker’s podium. Roosevelt used the…

Money for the Rest of Us

How trickle down economics may not be all it’s cracked up to be; a few words on a Trump economy.

Brexit and the U.S.

On the 23rd of this past June, one of the most conservative European powers decided to do something radical. The United Kingdom (UK), has never been known for such radical change. While it is no surprise that the UK’s relationship with the European Union (EU) has never been the strongest, it has come to the…