Here is a list that I’ve put together of useful free tools for those working in Finance or just trying to manage their own budget. These are often mobile friendly, and will make your money decisions more informed. is #1 on the list. There is so much information here hidden behind the tabs, especially when playing around with this feature.

TradingView is a great charting and social site that gets traders in touch with each other. This is mostly dominated by currency traders though. is essential for personal budgeting. Built by the same people that brought you TurboTax, this is the first step in helping others with their personal finances.

Simple is branching out in a new way for banks. They send you a debit card and let you transfer cash into the account via a separate bank. Low overhead, low fees, and a better budgeting platform are what Simple brings to the table.

Openfolio is a really cool way to compare your portfolio performance to other investors. This application links up to your brokerage account (Including Robinhood) and offers you advice. It will also give you tips about how to improve your returns.

Stockflare is a website that helps you pick stocks. They offer a great user experience and have a lot of research available. This is a great research tool if you’re interested in a balanced portfolio.

Acorns is a great tool that you can use to invest money in slowly over time. They offer really great diversity for your portfolio and is compatible with Openfolio!

FactSet is one of the best websites out there for financial research. Take a look around and learn some interesting new things about the market!

eVestment is a great company that provides economic data and market insights. Founded by four analysts in 2000, this is an information gold mine.

Alpha Architect is a great resource for understanding the markets and the way that they truly work. It is a blog run by a firm with the intention of making markets more accessible.

Rizm is a platform that you can use to develop trading algorithms. The platform is math minded, but that allows you a lot of flexibility. You can backtest and link your brokerage up to make actual trades when you get a strategy that works.