From Classroom to Cubicle

From Classroom to Cubicle


Getting hired isn’t easy. You likely have no work experience, a very small professional network, and you need to find someone to pay you. While having a degree from a college or university greatly increases your chances of employment, it does not reduce the competition of the job market.

The writers and alumni at SnoQap Financial have experience finding jobs and internships and have developed a comprehensive understanding of the hiring process. We understand the stress of finding a job or internship because we were recently in the same position. We have a nationwide network of recent graduates that are ready to help.


Throughout our time working at SnoQap Financial, our writers and staff have also worked for:


Northwestern Mutual

Morgan Stanley


DA Davidson

The House of Commons

The Hartford


As a service to students, we are proud to provide:

Social Media Consulting. In May of 2015, CareerBuilder conducted a survey of over 2,000 full-time human resources experts and found that 52% of employers used social media to help determine whether candidates’ skills and qualifications met the job requirements. This figure has increased from 43% in 2014, and 29% in 2013. We will look through your Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs to identify what companies may find appealing and what will scare them away. We can develop a privacy plan and a content direction that will entice employers.


Proofreading Work Samples and Portfolios. We have all heard the horror stories about how poor grammar can cost you a job. We will ensure that the work you’re handing to employers is free of errors.


LinkedIn Profile Story Writing and Critiques. A CareerBuilder survey found that 35% of employers are less likely to interview applicants when they can’t be found online. We will help you build a professional LinkedIn profile that showcases your achievements.


Interview Practice. We will help you practice interviewing and offer valuable feedback. We will teach you how to expertly answer the common interview questions and we will prepare you for any tricky or unusual questions.


Resume and Cover Letter Critiques. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when applying for a job. We will help you create the perfect resume and cover letter that tailors to the companies you’re applying to.  

If this is something that you’re interested in, we’d love to discuss our pricing with you. Services start at $25. Please email to get in touch with a representative.