Our Vision

Students challenging themselves by exploring tough questions.

Our Mission

SnoQap Financial is a community of writers that explore topics in economics, political science, and finance, founded and run by college students. We hope to foster a greater understanding and encourage curiosity in these topics.



Snoqualmie Pass - 1991

Snoqualmie Pass – 1991



In January of 2016, Alex Warfel started writing short stories each day and sharing them online with a creative writing community. He enjoyed writing and appreciated getting feedback on it. It was a hobby and it was a good way to get better at writing. 

Then Alex saw an article on LinkedIn that his friend Spencer wrote for class. He loved that students were sharing their insight about their field. So naturally, he went online and bought the second most expensive WordPress plan and started writing about finance. This was the beginning of SnoQap, named after the Snoqualmie Mountain Pass just east of Seattle, where Alex grew up. He loved researching, writing, and sharing his work.

Then a couple weeks later, Alex asked his friend Timos Pietris to join him and they started posting two articles a week.

When the next school year started, they woke up at 6am every day, went to their college’s computer lab, found futures and index prices, formatted them, and published them on Twitter. They wrote three paragraphs about the latest news in finance to publish in the student newspaper each morning. After a few months, they decided to bring more people on board.

They first reached out to Andrew Montalti, who was studying abroad at the London School of Economics. He began writing articles about politics. Then Timos reached out to his friend Nick Colletta, who covered finance and also started to write weekly.

In February, Alex’s friend Katy Zielinski pointed out some grammar problems. She soon became the Copy Editor and took over social media. Soon after, Tara Guaimano started making cover photos and logo designs. Then Spencer joined as CTO. Together, they made the website what it is today.

SnoQap Financial stems from Alex’s original process: researching, writing, and sharing student’s work. In just over a year, it has grown into an ambitious, versatile, and energetic community of students, brought together by their shared passion for business, economics, political science, and finance.